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Healing Coach
Spiritual Boss

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Meet Erika

the face behind the brand

I am a renowned Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Spiritual Boss who prides myself on educating and empowering women to boss up, break free from limits of their past and design the life they truly deserve. In 2014, I founded O'la Couture with two goals; to raise awareness of domestic abuse and to provide women the best tools and strategies, to reclaim their power and live on their terms. As a past domestic abuse survivor, I know first-hand what it feels like to experience domestic violence and other forms of trauma, and I know the exact strategies needed to overcome them. With God and in implementing my own healing strategy and self-discovery blueprint, I overcame trauma, freed myself from toxic cycles and rediscovered myself to experience empowered living beyond fear. I learned firsthand how to cultivate self-love and reconnect with my highest self, enabling me to step into my divine power and live life on purpose. In activating and aligning with my true inner essence, I empowered myself, became spiritually grounded, discovered authentic happiness, peace of mind and financial freedom, all whilst unleashing my full divine boss potential.

I can't wait to help you do the same!


what we do best

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Strategy Session

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Goal Session

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Accountability Session

Let's do this!

Build Confidence & Reconnect with your Purpose

Strategies to Heal, Connect with you Intuition and Inner Power to Unleash your True Divine Potential to Recreate a life you will be Proud of. 

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Healing is a Journey

It's time to make your Healing a Priority and start your most Empowered Boss journey today!


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